BMY999 Offers The Best Fishing Games in the Philippines

Feeling bored and wishing to earn money while having fun at the same time? Look no further than BMY999, the best online casino in the Philippines that offers various fishing games! BMY999 fishing games are fun, exciting and offer players to earn huge winnings with all the bonuses and special features. 

Explore the Wide Variety of Fish Shooting Games at BMY999 Online Casino

Go Gold Fishing 360 

A popular fun 3D fishing game in the Philippines is the Go Gold Fishing 360! This simple fishing game caters to players of all levels. The HD graphics and impressive sounds from the animations offers an immersive experience. If you wanna win big, be sure to shoot the royal mermaid to gain the maximum bet! 

GODZ Fishing 

For those who prefer a more traditional fishing game, GODZ Fishing would be suitable for you! GODZ Fishing has four different chambers with a few various rates and levels of difficulty. Another great feature of this fishing game is that if you get the best catch, then your wager gets increased by 3688. 

Gold Dragon Fishing 360 

Based on the traditional Chinese fishing game, Gold Dragon Fishing 360 is a fun 3D fishing game that offers users to rotate their guns based on a 360 degrees view. The soundtrack is what keeps players coming back for more. 

Gold Cai Shen 

Gold Cai Shen is another popular fish shooting game in the Philippines! Explore the 28 icons and to earn more, consider making use of the golden toad and get started on the bonus round so that you can get some prizes that’ll help increase your winnings. 

Jade Toad Fishing 

With several gameplay modes and interesting challenges, Jade Toad Fishing is for those who wish to make use of a virtual fishing rod to catch all the fishes instead of a gun. The stunning animations and aesthetic graphics keep players addicted. 

Reasons Why BMY999 Philippines’ Fishing Games Are the Best

Wide Variety of Fish Species 

BMY999 Fishing games understand how important it is to keep things exciting and different. Hence, there are plenty of fish species – some you may not even have heard before! Each fish has its own unique challenge and bonuses to maximise your wins. 

Real-life Fishing Experience

Love to go fishing in real life? Similar to real-life fishing, BMY999 Philippines offers a realistic experience for all players to enjoy thanks to the stunning graphics and immersive sound effects! The impressive animations are what attracts players and make them addicted to playing many rounds. 

Exciting Fishing Competitions 

Fancy some competition among other players? Bring out the competitive side of you with thrilling competitions at BMY999 Online Casino! Why not consider joining these competitions and increase your winnings? If you’re an experienced fishing game player, even more reason for you to try your luck and win big bucks! 

Your Satisfaction is our Priority 

We prioritise our players’ experience more than anything, which is why at BMY999 Casino, our team ensures every aspect of the fishing games are fulfilling to all players. Our customer support team is dedicated to attend all enquiries as well, so players will have a smooth gaming experience without any issues. 

Experience Only the Latest Features

Players will only play the latest updates and features at BMY999 Philippines! Our team only uses advanced technology to maintain the online casino platform. The fishing games at BMY999 are regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends, ensuring players will never get bored!

How To Play BMY999 Fish Shooting Games

1. Select your desired fish shooting game 

BMY999 Philippines offers a wide variety of fish shooting games to choose from! So to get started, select your fish shooting game. 


2. Learn the game mechanics 

Once you’ve chosen your fishing game, learn about how the game works by learning how to shoot with your mouse. Don’t forget to get to know the point system so that you can maximise your winnings. Each fish and object in the game has a certain value, it’s best to focus on the ones that are easy to shoot while having a high value at the same time. 

3. Choose your weapon 

Each fish shooting game has a wide variety of weapons consisting of different values, powers and characteristics. Get to know each of these weapons so that you can pick the right one that helps you to shoot the fishes better. 

4. Shoot fishes with the highest points 

Of course, to get more points when you shoot as well as earn more money, you’ll need to target the fish with high points. Most of the time, these are unique and distinct animals. 

5. Keep track of your ammo 

Players usually get carried away when they get excited as they start to shoot the fishes during the game. However, one thing to take note is that you can easily finish them fast as you waste them on hard shots. So, be sure to check your ammo to avoid any loss. 

6. Practice makes perfect 

Don’t forget to keep practising in order to get better at the fishing games! The more you play, the more familiar you get to get the highest score and win more money. 

7. Take advantage of bonus rounds, power-ups or extras 

There are special bonus rounds, power-ups and extras for each fishing game. Try to take part in these to earn more money. 

8. Pay attention to the bankroll 

The bankroll is where players can get carried away and spend until they have no money left. Keep a close eye on your bankroll to prevent any potential losses. 

9. Have fun and enjoy!

All in all, be sure to enjoy yourselves and have fun! Fish shooting games, aside from earning money, are for players to have fun and have a good time. 

Start Your Fish Shooting Game Journey with BMY999 Philippines Now!

Excited to get on BMY999 Philippines and start playing all the fishing games? We know you are! Explore our wide selection of fish shooting games and take your pick based on your level. But one thing’s for sure, BMY999 fishing games are catered to players of all levels! 


BMY999’s online casino platform is made for players who prefer playing on their mobile devices. So, players can play BMY999 fish shooting games on tablets, mobile devices or laptops. 

Yes, BMY999 online fishing games offer social features so players can interact with one another all over the world. There are also multiplayer fish shooting game competitions. 

BMY999 fish shooting games are suitable for players of all levels! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s definitely something for everyone.